[IAEP] Sugar Labs - Good starting position.

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 19:08:20 EDT 2008

It would be helpful to understand the correlation between the
organizations you've been talking to and their positive/negative
assessments of Sugar. Indeed, relative to any other learning project I
am aware of, Sugar has a large and vibrant (and outspoken) community
of developers, which we all hope will grow larger, especially in light
out outreach to the Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu communities. On the
other hand, we've not yet established a strong foothold in the
education communities outside of the OLPC deployments and pilots;
there is some risk there, but the scale and diversity of the current
Sugar deployments is impressive by most measures.

In regard to "the vision thing", the learning goals of Sugar Labs are
grand and exciting, not just the technical goals, but the learning
goals and the social-economic goals. Maybe they need to be better
articulated or better promoted. Your efforts have been a great help in
these regards.


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