[Gsoc] Google Summer of Code proposal: Improvements in Listen and Spell (Chirag Jain)

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I am a second year computer science student at NSIT. I am looking to
participate in GSoC this year. I am interested in Listen Spell project. I am
in contact with its potential mentor Mr. Assim Deodia. Based on the
conversation and discussion with him I have created an idea list related to
listen and spell that can be implemented in the activity.

1. We can include a sub-activity called 'Fast Write'.
    *'Fast Spell'
     *Activity will speak some random words for user entered time and of
user entered level. After speaking each word the user will get some time to
spell the word. The time can be   indicated by a decreasing counting the
seconds. If the user spells the word correctly in the stipulated time then
he will get some points. This activity can be extended to multiple XO's.

*2. Similar to above we can include a sub-activity called 'Test Time'.
*'Test Time'

*In this activity, a teacher can enter some words or paragraphs as a test
for students. Each student's XO will then slowly speak the word or the
paragraph for stipulated time and the student will have to spell the word.
Then a score based on how many correct words a student spells can be

3. *Add
We can let the user to add his own words in the dictionary. Not only a
student, but a teacher can also add some words in all the student's XO's
through his own XO.

4. *'Typing Tutor'

     *We can create a simple typing tutor in which the activity will speak
the paragraph and the student will have to spell. This will continue for
student entered time or can be a fixed. Now a score based on Words per
minute and accuracy can be generated.

The above ideas are very rough. The GUI can be like this:

 A menu displaying the sub-activities.
*1. Fast Spell

2. Test Time

3. Typing tutor

4. Add Words

*can be more................

If you think that any of the idea is impractical or if u like to suggest
some new ideas then please do reply........


Chirag  jain
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