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Two things -
1 - how about we move this to the math4 mailing list so we don't have to
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2 - Ankit - do you need an XO? You can develop within Virtual Box, but I
do have an XO I could send you.


On 12/12/2010 03:17 PM, Jonathan Meschino (RIT Student) wrote:
> シャルマさんこんにちわ!
> I thought we had some step by step posted, but I shall look and write
> one up soon if not.
> If you would like to run the game on the XO, there are two methods
> available. In either case, you need to have pygame installed. To do
> this, you must go to the terminal activity on your XO and type "yum
> install pygame". This will go through and install it.
> The next thing you need to do after cloning our git repo is to type in
> terminal "python path/file.py", in this case "python
> path/mainline/MAFH2/MafhActivity.py". The game should then run. There
> is another method called symlinking where you can tell the XO to make
> it appear as an activity on the home screen in order to run it, but I
> forget how to do this (CCing JLew, our programmer, so he can explain
> if you need, or better explain what I am saying). The current-working
> version of our project is under redesign and so there are few missing
> pieces (like the in-game shop) currently.
> If you simply would like to just see the game (an older version with
> more content for a better understanding), you can download it from
> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4272 on your XO from
> the browser. Currently, we are trying to get our new version to match
> the old one. In this case, the game will install as an activity that
> you launch from your home screen.
> We also have a second activity called Fortune Maker, which is a
> content creation tool. It is a level editor that lets you save and use
> what you create with Fortune Hunter. You can download that here -
> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4274.
> If you would like to run the game on your computer, you still need to
> download pygame (and python). (I can help you with this process if
> you'd like, but it is different depending on your OS) Then in the
> terminal, type "python path/file.py" just like I mentioned earlier.
> This will launch the game.
> Please note that you must have python version 2.6.x (on XO or
> computer) in order for everything to work properly. Python 3.1.x+
> changed a few functions around that causes the game to not run.
> Okay, I think I covered it all. Please email me again with more
> questions if you have them. Sorry if it was a lot to take in, just
> trying to be clear ; )
> じゃまたね。
>    ジョン
> On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 11:17 AM, Ankit Sharma <ankitintokyo at yahoo.com
> <mailto:ankitintokyo at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Jon
>     Yoroshikuonegaishimasu.
>     Thank you for the warm welcome. Is there any wiki which tells how
>     to build the application? I diligently searched the links Karlie
>     sent me but could not find.
>     I want to know the perquisites for building the application and
>     the command so that I can build and see what it is all about.
>     I guess this is imperative and there must be some page which lists
>     all this , I just have not been able to find it out.
>     Karlie, Thank you for taking time out to sending mail to Mel. I
>     really appreciate it, this is surreal :). Before I join something
>     big, I would like to take small steps first and contribute to this
>     project first. One project at a time. Once I get hang of how
>     things work in FOSS, it would be a smoother ride I guess.
>     Thanks everyone.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     *From:* Jonathan Meschino (RIT Student) <jam2707 at rit.edu
>     <mailto:jam2707 at rit.edu>>
>     *To:* Ankit Sharma <ankitintokyo at yahoo.com
>     <mailto:ankitintokyo at yahoo.com>>
>     *Cc:* Remy DeCausemaker <remydcsi at rit.edu
>     <mailto:remydcsi at rit.edu>>; Karlie Robinson
>     <karlie_robinson at webpath.net <mailto:karlie_robinson at webpath.net>>
>     *Sent:* Wed, December 8, 2010 4:38:10 AM
>     *Subject:* Re: Contributing for Open Source
>     Welcome to the community, Ankit!
>     hajimemashite! As Karlie mentioned, Remy or myself (or anyone else
>     here @RIT) would be more than happy to answer questions or point
>     you in the right direction regarding any of the projects. I've
>     been involved with FOSS for just over a year now and helped many
>     projects along the way. My main work is Fortune Hunter - an
>     adventure RPG game that teaches math. We are in dire need of some
>     programming, especially since our team fluctuates from term to
>     term. So, if that project looks good to you, we'd love to have
>     you. Otherwise there is a variety of other games and software that
>     could use attention as well.
>     Some of my background: I am a Video Game Design & Development
>     major and I have a minor in Japanese Language & Culture as well as
>     Psychology. Python is a good language to add to your skills,
>     especially working in open source, so I wish you luck!
>     Again, please feel free to email me for anything.
>     mata hanashite,
>     ~ Jon
>     On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 12:47 PM, Karlie Robinson
>     <karlie_robinson at webpath.net <mailto:karlie_robinson at webpath.net>>
>     wrote:
>         On 12/07/2010 12:27 PM, Ankit Sharma wrote:
>>         Hi there
>>         Thank you for your invaluable help on IRC. To be honest, I
>>         wanted to expand my skillset beyond C and C++ and started
>>         learning Python a week ago.
>>         A project in Python is ideal for me.
>>         Ah, since you have been so nice and kind to me, I think you
>>         ought to know some things about me. I am a programmer in
>>         Tokyo. I used student in broad sense, not the definition that
>>         I go to school.
>>         Anyway, I have done these things:
>>         1) Cloned the repository
>>         2) Filled out the form to get subscribed to mailing list
>>         3) Installed Pygame on my Ubuntu machine
>>         4) Went through the docs/wiki to get a gist and feel of the
>>         project.
>>         Thank you for letting me be part of this project. It sure
>>         looks nice and since it is related to education, I believe I
>>         will be helping somebody in my own little way.
>>         I look forward to the next steps.
>>         Regards
>>         -Ankit
>         It was my pleasure to help answer questions about getting
>         involved with FOSS.
>         I'd like you to meet Jonathan Meschino of the Fortune Hunter
>         team and Remy DeCausemaker who helps coordinate FOSS efforts
>         at RIT.
>         Either of these guys can help you get involved with any of the
>         projects going on at RIT.
>         Also, don't forget about openhatch.org <http://openhatch.org>
>         for other projects you can get involved with around the world.
>         ~Karlie
>     -- 
>     ~ jON mESCHINO
>     bS vIDEO gAME dESIGN & dEVELOPMENT (igm)
>     5TH yR @ RIT
> -- 
> 5TH yR @ RIT

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