[math4] announce: Hop-A-Round activity at revision 2

Mike Major jmikem at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 20 14:31:09 EDT 2009

hi everyone, 

i updated our Hop-A-Round activity based on some input from this mailing
list. here are the release notes:
""Some minor updates were made based on some user feedback: 
- moved the Play and Next buttons further from the edge. Sometimes the
frame could be shown while trying to click a button. 
- removed the focus from the multiple choice buttons as this could be

Added the user`s name to the output to add a little customization feel.

the activity is in the sandobx waiting on review. is it correct to make
an announcement here in order to get the update reviewed? or will this
happen automatically when there are new versions added to

thanks for the help,

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