[math4] testing on sugar

Mike Major jmikem at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 8 22:21:19 EDT 2009

hi everyone, 
i hope no one thinks these are weird questions but here they are. 

since i have posted my activity on a.sl.o, i have noticed that some
applications are marked as being compatible with sugar 0.82-0.86. 

this is confusing to me since as far as i can tell, only 0.82 is
released and official ON THE XO. even the newest 8.2.1 (build 802)
release for the xo has 0.82 sugar on it. 

the questions here are:
1. it seems to me that listing activity as working on 0.82 only marked
it as old and i got a warning (from a.sl.o). therefore i listed my
activity as 0.82-0.86. is this right?
2. is testing with 0.84 or 0.86 important, since it doesn't seem to be
actually on the xo?
3. apparently 0.84 is on SoaS. where is 0.86 available?

thanks for the help and i'll probably have follow up questions,

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