[Dextrose] Defining Dextrose 4 code workflow

Ruben Rodríguez ruben at activitycentral.com
Thu Oct 4 20:33:28 EDT 2012

With this new release we have an opportunity to improve how the
dextrose code is managed.

>From a code point of view Dextrose is composed of a set of
modifications on OOB and a group of patches to the sugar,
sugar-toolkit and sugar-artwork packages. At this point all those
changes live together in the same git repository:
http://git.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/mainline The patches to the sugar
packages are in the rpms directory.

I think that the first thing to do is separating both things, as the
changes to OOB are not directly related to the patches, and should
live in separate repos.
The next step would be more complicated, and would be moving from the
patch set to a git workflow that allows us to separate the different
features so we can upstream them individually, and build rpm's with
all the changes applied. This was tried before, but since we
developers are stubborn sometimes, it didn't catch on. We need to make
a bigger effort this time.

Apart from having a clean way to be able to produce patch files to
send upstream as needed, we should take into account the deployment's
need to select which set of features they want to have in their
packages. To simplify that, features like 1-to-n or multiselect could
have an "enable" switch in a config file or gconf key, so they can
share the same codebase.

In any case that is just a suggestion, and I'd like to hear yours!

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