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Dominik Granada dgranada at frks.pl
Tue Oct 2 05:42:44 EDT 2012


Following my previous mail (below), can anyone suggest a Dex3 version with wifi/collaboration issues solved or there is non at the moment?

We tried 40Dex3 - but lots of problems with NM on XO 1

Should we try 96  (somehow polish keyboard seems lost...) or go back to the 36 version? 

We look for a lite system with well working wifi/collaboration for a small school deployment.

Many thanks in advance for any tips

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  I need some help (again) and / or information on Dex3. Many thanks in advance and sorry if the questions will be obvious for you, please point to wiki if answer can be found......

  1. Can I ask for a link to STABLE Dex3 for XO 1.0 without Gnome?

  I am not sure whether check here: http://download.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/testing/dx3/xo1/?C=M;O=D



  (or are those from the second link all for VM only?)

  2. Does Dex3 (40 and 96) change on XO 1.0 Mesh network icons in neighbourhood into Ad Hoc icons? (or are we using 1.5 version on 1.0.....)

  3. Testing Dex3 40/96 we are having similar problem to http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3130  but apart from not launching NM, XO's do not see each other through Mesh once NM works. At the same time they see each other through my office wifi network. any suggestions what we should try to fix it?

  4. We plan to deploy XO 1.0 in one school on 1:1. The aim is to cover the school with only free and open software (Sugar, Schooltool, Centos/Fedora) - would you have any suggestions regarding which Sugar should we use?

  On one hand side we need some more space on XO than 1gb as we want kids to have XO at home with gcompris / wiki / tux activities (that is why we are testing SD card), on the other we would like to make an emphasis on the collaborative activities.

  5. Once SD card mounted - it happens that after one click the same activity is launched twice, one is working, second one stays pulsing in the frame and eating resources.....

  does anyone have an idea what we did wrong :) ?

  6. Offtopic - did Record loose the option for high quality pics / recording? I can find it in Dex3

  thanks again

  Dominik Granada

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