[Dextrose] activities on SD card, XO 1.0

Dominik Granada dgranada at frks.pl
Mon May 14 06:47:38 EDT 2012


We are experimenting with Dextrose2 (fedora 11) and regular image (fedora 14) on XO 1.0. Trying to use additional SD card for more space dedicated for more activities.

Until now it works as follows: /usr is copied to SD card (still remaining on XO). It is being mounted after system initialization, so XO works without SD card (just usr has no access to additional activties) and with the card giving space for more activities (and swap)

Our problem is that this feature does not work with Dex2. SD card is not being mounted on startup. Once the system is on it is enough to take it out/in and it starts to work. Yet for kids at school we would need that automatic at start up.

I would appreciate any hints...


Dominik Granada
Prezes Zarządu

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