[Dextrose] [Sugar-devel] "glibc-devel" F14 package for armv5tel

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 14 08:23:32 EDT 2012

On Sat, 2012-07-14 at 15:56 +0530, Ajay Garg wrote:
> Thanks Jerry, Anish.
> That was it.
> Removing the "glibc-devel" package from "/etc/yum/olpc-exclude" did
> the trick.
> But me just curious, why is "/etc/yum/olpc-exclude" needed?

The olpc released rpms may be a fork of the fedora code and a newer rpm
from fedora's updates repo may undo the changes introduced by forked
package. The kernel and firmware packages install paths won't match
where the files really live on the XO due to OOB's modifications to
the /boot directory. 

> [
> Also, on a side-note, my original issue of compiling "avahi" on ARM
> still remains unsolved ::
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/avahi/2012-July/002167.html
> ]

Think something maybe missing from your build environment, have you met
all the BuildRequires dependencies from the spec file? There maybe a
undeclared BuildRequires, have you tried "yum groupinstall devel*tools"
and/or "yum groupinstall devel*libs"?


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