[Dextrose] Regarding removing register item from menu

Abhishek Singh abhishek.singh at olenepal.org
Thu Feb 3 01:26:35 EST 2011

Hi there!

I'm trying to prepare a dextrose based build of Nepal's OLPC
deployments. I would like to remove the "Register" item from the menu,
and would like to auto-register the XOs to the schoolserver. For
previous builds, we were using a patch made by Daniel Drake (which was
for sugar 0.82 and doesn't work on 0.88). During a IRC talk with bernie,
he suggested setting the "backup_url" GConf variable, but setting it
just renames the menu item to "re-register". I would complete like to
remove that item. Also if I were to set the value for the backup_url,
what should I point it to? Is there a list of GConf variables documented
somewhere which I can use as a reference?

Again, the translations are a problem. We had made translations for
Glucose and Fructose 0.82 and were using the langpack thus generated.
The new build (with sugar 0.88) has erroneous translations and we would
like to correct it. The problem here is that translate.sugarlabs.org
does not have facilities for translating 0.88 strings. Any heads-up on this?

Thank You.

Abhishek Singh
System Engineer
Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal
साझा शिक्षा ई-पाटी
Tel: +977-1-5544441 ext. 301

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