[Dextrose] Issues and good-to-have changes to newly added features.

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Feb 2 11:24:31 EST 2011

(thanks for this nice status update -- i think it's important to post it

On Sun, 2011-01-30 at 13:13 -0300, Anish Mangal wrote:

> == Re feedback: ==
> (2) the icons is placed in a ui invasive way (extreme right), moving
> every other icon to the left, i'd rather have it as the left most icon
> (3) it pops up a modal type dialog, a user can change into
> home/neighborhood/fried view but cannot change to an activity (for eg,
> log) and thus can't copy paste content from it
> (4) i guess setting the gconf key enables both anonymous and
> personalized reporting
> (5) we need a tool at the server end convert all the info into human
> digestible form :)
> (6) the feedback icon isn't sugarized, though i'll try to use the one
> sent by "Frederick Grose"

(7) we'll need someone to read all incoming feedback and file bug
reports from it. Who would like to volunteer for this job?

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