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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Nov 26 16:56:15 EST 2010

On Fri, 2010-11-26 at 22:07 +0100, Sascha Silbe wrote:
>Here are the relevant parts of my personal triage run:
>Need to upstream:
>b82740b Dynamically set number of control panel columns
>8b38008 Fix for file list sorting for FAT32 formatted flash drives in Journal.
>af81950 Simplify the definition of UpdateModel._bundles_to_check.
>f06d4ce use the spanish verb "quitar" for unmounting devices
>e7795b7 fix network disconnect and discard history
>277128a + 9075932 allow re-registering with XS
> Can drop?
> =========
> sugar
> -----
> 6b2b970 Fix duplication of OLPC mesh icons
>0521ff7 Indicate inactive state in mesh device icon  

Have these bugs been fixed in a different way upstream?

> sugar
> -----
> 42d2d96 Click on journal icons with a exclusive time frame
> - should use launcher feedback or fix race condition instead of fixed timeout

Indeed. The actual bug may have been fixed some time ago, can't remember
the details.

> f09bff1 set-default-scaling-to-100.patch
> - fine for Dextrose (except for missing git metadata), but would be nice to fix? upstream

Where do we need to use the default scaling of 72? How did the F14 +
0.90 OLPC builds solve this issue? dsd claims that there are no custom

> 29909be Avoid popping an empty list in the software updater.
> - len(l) == 0 -> not l

For such small changes, feel free to edit the patches in place on the
Dextrose repo.

> e15f79e3 Add font dpi schema
> - configure X server instead?

Sayamindu would now better. This is complicated shit!

> da33877 Change the method to add new actitivities in the activities list in home view
> - rationale? fix sorting instead?

Yes, the activities were appearing in backwards order (oldest first).

> 940eb54 + acb3ab6 Journal Volumes Backup and Restore
> - replace with JEB-based approach
> 67f22db Journal XS backup and restore
> - is based on 940eb54 Journal Volumes Backup and Restore
> - use gconf notification
> - isn't this supposed to happen automatically?
> - use activity for restore?
>6afb46c Journal Backup save lease

Using an activity is ok with me, but remember that backups must work
with the *current* schoolservers in deployments. No special server-side

> 54932cb Backup translations
> - can we use upstream Pootle for this?

I don't think Pootle can be made to work with code which isn't yet in

> ac60c55 UI for forcing a data store index rebuild
> d6fe580 Data store index rebuild translations
> 8d8ad5f Add microformat support to updater.
> - hardcoded URL
> - replaces aslo format instead of offering both

I think there's a new version of this patch from Anish with several
improvements. Someone should test it and replace it in Dextrose.

We discussed the necessity to support the old RDS protocol and we
concluded that it was useless if aslo gains support for the microformat
(which has just happened thanks to Aleksey).

So I think we should post a separate patch to remove all the code
implementing the RDS updater.

> 2d03290 + 09fd691 + e8b1da6 + f31bd6f + 080d1f1 + 3f7ec91 + ecda730 + 548dee3 accessibility series
> - check approach
> - do we need to patch Sugar or can we package it separately?
> - style cleanup
> 70db1a3 accessibility translations

This may take quite some work. Would you like to take it?

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