[Dextrose] AC maintaining Sugar proposed branch

David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 13:22:22 EST 2010

On of the primary goals of Dextrose is to provide niche where
deployments can work together, and with Activity Central, to modify
the stock OLPC OS to meet their specific needs and wants.  This has
understandably caused conflict with both Sugar Labs and OLPC.

Sugar Labs is focused on staying true to its vision.  OLPC provides
the base OS, and Sugar developers, on which we build Dextrose.
Unfortunately, this means OLPC takes the blame whenever something goes
wrong and Dextrose takes the credit for adding minor fixes and

Moving forward AC will maintain a git sugar.proposed branch for
dextrose development of Sugar. The key benefits are:
1. AC, SL, and OLPC can move forward with their own development ideas
without blocking each other.
2. Git branches allow each of us to cherry pick from each other patches.
3. After we prove the value of individual patches we can work with SL
and OLPC to upstream those patches to Sugar.main as maintained by
Sugar Labs.


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