[Dextrose] Messages notification UI look and feel, request for help :)

Esteban Bordon ebordon at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Mon Nov 8 12:27:22 EST 2010

It's a good Idea.
Here in Uruguay we are thinking about making a similar application that uses
some web service to show important messages for kids (for example, a new
geography content available, download the activity to change your laptop,


Esteban Bordón
Investigación y Desarrollo - Plan Ceibal
CITS - Av. Italia 6201 - Montevideo, Uruguay

2010/11/8 Martin Abente <martin.abente.lahaye at gmail.com>

> Hey Eben :)
> I am currently working on a messages notification extensions for dextrose
> (guess it will be hard to make it land on sugar main stream) but I was
> wondering if you could give me a hand with the UI design (mock-ups)?
> What we basically aim for is a simple message bubble (gnome-like) to
> display messages like:
> * Your battery is running out.
> * Could not connect to GSM network.
> * Journal is almost full.
> * Datastore crashed unexpectedly.
> * Automatic backup is running.
> * Etc...
> As you see, there are basically 2 types of messages (more or less)
> Informative messages and Error messages. Also I will have to implement a
> messages manager so the users can simply browse through the last events
> (messages), and maybe add more extensions like action buttons, i,e:
> send-bug-report button, disable APM, stop-backup(?!, just random examples).
> Would be great if you could help me with some UI design ideas :)
> Thanks,
> Martin (tch) Abente
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