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In theory this not needed because Sugar is perfect and all users are hackers:-/

In practice, it could be very useful as teachers, onsite techs, and
developers try to figure out what is happening when something goes

It is not worth the fight to get this into upstream but it could be a
great value add to dextros.


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Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 4:02 PM
Subject: [Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Messages notification
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Hello amigos,

Recently I encountered many situations where a system-wide
notification-messages system is required as a basis for many bug fixes
or enhancements. I am not talking about the messages that are related
to an specific activity or its context, in many of those cases the
current alert widgets are effective and proper methods. Currently,
Sugar does not have a mechanism to communicate to users different kind
of information about sugar itself. For example:

1. Important system events (automatic backup running, new update
available, journal being almost full,etc)
2. Connectivity status changes or errors (connecting to a wifi network or 3G)
3. Critical sugar errors, right now most of those errors are invisible
to users (this make testing process very difficult)
4. I am sure others can imagine more use cases.

So I would like to list two extensions to the current notification
system. Basically what we need is:

1. Simple text messages display.
2. Messages manager, this would help the user to see what messages
have been delivered in the current session, so they could react to
those events (for example, reporting bugs).

I believe this feature could be a huge plus to dextrose and and sugar
mainstream, therefore I invite everyone to share their ideas on how
this feature could work and look.

Martin (tch) Abente

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