[Dextrose] XO disable security

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Nov 4 19:00:15 EDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 17:59 -0400, Rebecca Young wrote:
>  I have a problem with 2 XOs that I tried to unlock.  One says "Boot
> Failed" shutting down in 30 seconds and the other says 10 seconds.
>  The one
> that says 30 sec shows that it updated the firmware to q2e45.
>  The other one was an older version of Sugar and doesn't show
> any information.
> I think the problem is that I forgot to disable security before I
> upgraded to the new Dextrose.

Yes, I think this is the case. It happened to another user too. Don't
worry, it's easy to recover :-)

>   I don't have a file developer key.  I used the online way and then
> typed the directions into Terminal.  Can I create a file somehow in
> order to boot the XO with the USB drive with this file inserted so
> that the XO won't automatically say "Boot failed shutting down"?  How
> do I do that?

You could download your developer key again by submitting the serial
number and UUID of your laptop here:


If you no longer have this information, one way to retrieve it from the
XO is creating  a Collection Stick as explained here:


The file LAPTOPS.DAT on the USB stick is really a text file containing
data for one laptop per line. I can't remember the exact record format,
but the serial number and UUID should be easy to recognize.

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