[Dextrose] XO disable security

Rebecca Young rdyperu09 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 17:59:17 EDT 2010

 I have a problem with 2 XOs that I tried to unlock.  One says "Boot
Failed" shutting down in 30 seconds and the other says 10 seconds.  The one
that says 30 sec shows that it updated the firmware to q2e45.  The other one
was an older version of Sugar and doesn't show any information.

I think the problem is that I forgot to disable security before I upgraded
to the new Dextrose.  I don't have a file developer key.  I used the online
way and then typed the directions into Terminal.  Can I create a file
somehow in order to boot the XO with the USB drive with this file inserted
so that the XO won't automatically say "Boot failed shutting down"?  How do
I do that?

Becky Young
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