[Dextrose] Bug Report from Uruguay

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Aug 26 16:30:47 EDT 2010

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El Thu, 26-08-2010 a las 11:28 -0300, Franco Miceli escribió:
> Hi Bernie!
> I have a report to make regarding the patch you added form me (ad-hoc
> networks). It's just that in the neighbourhood view the icon for the
> newly created ad-hoc network doesn't show up.
> Thanks for helping me here!

I can't look into it now, but seems like this hunk might be responsible:

+        if self._mode != network.NM_802_11_MODE_ADHOC and \
+                network.is_sugar_adhoc_network(self._name) == False:
+            if state == network.DEVICE_STATE_ACTIVATED:
+                icon_name = '%s-connected' % 'network-wireless'
+            else:
+                icon_name = 'network-wireless'

Do we have an svg icon named network-wireless-wireless?
And why is the full name being constructed dynamically?

> Well that's all. Good luck in Mozambique!!!

Thanks! Bye from Sao Paolo!

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