[Bugs] #2225 UNSP: sliderule should support more scales and combinations

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Fri Aug 27 19:53:41 EDT 2010

#2225: sliderule should support more scales and combinations
    Reporter:  walter                     |          Owner:  walter                     
        Type:  enhancement                |         Status:  new                        
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  Unspecified by Release Team
   Component:  Sliderule                  |        Version:  Unspecified                
    Severity:  Unspecified                |       Keywords:  sliderule                  
Distribution:  Unspecified                |   Status_field:  Unconfirmed                

Comment(by tonyforster):

 Dropdown lists initially show up/down arrows, when you scroll to top they
 disappear, though the full list is there, it confused me for a while.

 There are limited choices for the first and second scales, eg I can't pair
 S and A to demonstrate sin(45)^2=0.5

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