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Fri Aug 20 10:25:44 EDT 2010

#2157: reimplement sugar.presence so it doesn't use the Presence Service
    Reporter:  tomeu          |          Owner:  erikos     
        Type:  enhancement    |         Status:  new        
    Priority:  Immediate      |      Milestone:  0.90       
   Component:  sugar-toolkit  |        Version:  Unspecified
    Severity:  Unspecified    |       Keywords:  r?         
Distribution:  Unspecified    |   Status_field:  Assigned   
Changes (by tomeu):

  * keywords:  r! => r?


 Replying to [comment:5 erikos]:
 > src/sugar/activity/activityhandle.py
 > - thanks for changing it to handle.invited
 > src/sugar/activity/activityservice.py
 > - (please add a comment that it is deprecated)
 > def Invite(self, buddy_key):
 >         raise NotImplementedError

 Removed it, as all python activities will be using InviteContact.

 > In the shell (jarabe.view.buddymenu) you are trying to call it:
 > logging.warning('Trying deprecated Activity.Invite')
 > service.Invite(self._buddy.props.key)
 > Does this handle cases where old Sugar versions share with new ones?

 That's there only for Etoys, which hasn't moved to the new API yet. All
 python activities are going to be using the new InviteContact.

 > src/sugar/datastore/datastore.py
 > - self._object_id = None  just a pylint fix, right?


 > src/sugar/presence/connectionmanager.py
 > - can you add a doc what it does and mark it unstable API as it is only
 of use to the sugar-PS?
 > src/sugar/presence/presenceservice.py
 > - please adjust the line: "UI class to access system-level presence
 > - please adjust the docstring: "UI-side interface to the dbus presence


 > - remove the class OfflineInterface (not used anymore)
 > - remove the 'activity-disappeared' etc signals as the shell does not
 listen to them anymore. From the s\
 > ignals only 'activity-shared' seems to be in use.


 > Btw, all the approach looks really good!

 Thanks for the review!

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