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#990: Unpin object
    Reporter:  erikos       |          Owner:  garycmartin                
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Changes (by brian):

 * cc: brian, sirkne at gmail.com (added)


 Looking through the
 [http://pybox2d.googlecode.com/svn/epydoc/html/index.html pybox2d docs],
 the B2Body.GetJointList() should return a list of b2JointEdges, which have
 an attribute .joint which can be destroyed with

 But I'm finding that .GetJointList() is returning a b2JointEdge (instead
 of a list of edges), and that the b2JointEdge returned does not have an
 attribute .joint.

 Maybe we need to upgrade the version of pybox2d in Physics to get this
 functionality?  CCing Kne -- what do you think?

 Replying to [comment:4 garycmartin]:
 > Thanks Asaf, I guess the trick will be making sure a single destroy tool
 smartly does either operation based on context. i.e. if you are near
 enough to a joint/pin/motor remove it, otherwise try to destroy the body.

 +1, that UI makes sense.

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