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Le 10 déc. 09 à 11:09, Bastien a écrit :

> Aleksey Lim <alsroot at member.fsf.org> writes:

>>> BTW what do you think about using 0install for such(pure binary)  
>>> applications, I'm working on 0install sugar UI and since it wasn't 
>>> (yet?)
>>> accepted for inclusion to 0.88, I'm going to do sugar shell  
>>> agnostic method first, e.g. after uploading .xo bundle(special,  
>>> which contain
>>> only 0install info) during first start user will download proper  
>>> (for his architecture) binary blobs and maybe proper language pack.
>> As an addition benefit, such 0install packages could be useful for
>> non-sugar users too(to install OOo4kid in non sugar environment).

I'm not sure to well understand the discussion, but, I'll try to add  
information :)

First, we modified OOo4Kids to match with the Sugar environment  
( currently, we provide the tree : OOo4Kids.activity/bin + activity +  
resources + MANIFEST and son )

Second, if some application is able to install e.g. .tar.gz archive  
containing a languagepack, would be perfect to localize OOo4Kids.  
Really :)

> Yes - I'm copying Eric Bachard, maybe he already considered this  
> method.

Thank you Bastien for the forward :)



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