[Sugar-devel] The future of Starchart and other "abandoned" GTK2/python2 activities

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Thu Feb 11 20:16:28 EST 2021


I'd like to start a conversation about the future of some activities, 
such as Starchart, which have unfinished/incomplete/un-tested ports to 
GTK3 and Python 3. The code for Starchart, for instance, is at 
https://github.com/sugarlabs/starchart and hasn't been given much love 
recently. There are three pending pull requests, one of which appears to 
be largely complete, from July of 2020: 

If someone would be willing to get this across the finish line by 
completing the port to GTK3, that would be a very good thing indeed. 
This activity was previously packaged in Sugar on a Stick Fedora spin, 
but has not built for several releases of Fedora, due to the above 

If anyone else here has any activities they feel should be priorities 
for porting to GTK3 and/or Python 3, please feel free to pipe up and 
either volunteer to fix them, or just voice your opinion on which have 

Alex Perez

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