[Sugar-devel] Project Ideas for GSOC 2021

Saurabh Gupta saurabhguptajpr at yahoo.in
Thu Feb 4 06:06:26 EST 2021

Hi Lionel,
I was looking for activities that can improve Sugarizer and add values to SugarLabs and found some mentioned below:1. Tic tac toe - We can keep two modes, easy and difficult when played against the computer and shared mode to play with another player. This activity will help students to improve their thinking ability. 2. Pong Game - In this activity, we can add different difficulty levels in private mode and play with other players in shared mode.     Preview of the game: https://www.ponggame.org/3. Face Recognition - In this activity, the system shows us numbers of faces with their name and user have to remember them and then choose the correct name corresponding to that face shown. It will help to improve the spatial memory of user. We can also use an instrument instead of the face.
Is there any particular type of activities on which Sugarizer focus? Also is it necessary that activities added to Sugarizer must have a shared mode (i.e. they can be played with other players in multiplayer mode)?
If you like any of the ideas mentioned above, you can add them for GSOC Projects 2021.
RegardsSaurabh Gupta
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