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Subject: 	[ASLOv4] [RELEASE] Calculate - 47
Date: 	Tue, 2 Feb 2021 16:43:54 -0500 (EST)
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Calculate-47 has been released

Version: 47
Bundle ID: org.laptop.Calculate
Release time: 2021-2-3 8:36:36

You can download the latest release of this activity here:
- Info: https://v4.activities.sugarlabs.org/app/org.laptop.Calculate.html
- Download: https://v4.activities.sugarlabs.org/bundles/Calculate-47.xo


* Regenerate POT file (Jui Pradhan)
* Translation Added (Jui Pradhan),
* Fix Gtk-Warning Don't know color (James Cameron),
* Fix issues while raising Runtime Error (Shaan subbaiah),
* Fix Attribute Error (Saumya Mishra),
* Fix Attribute Error raised while plotting (Saumya Mishra),
* Fix Error message format (Saumya Mishra),
* Add missing positional argument: eqn and start(Saumya Mishra),
* Change built-in variable name list to ls (Saumya Mishra),
* Fix SyntaxWarnings (James Cameron)

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