[Sugar-devel] State of Sugar?

Bastien bzg at bzg.fr
Mon Nov 2 13:39:44 EST 2020

Hi Martin,

Martin Guy <martinwguy at gmail.com> writes:

> On-topic again, the current banner on sugarlabs.org is "Sugar Labs
> contributes to and helps maintain the award-winning Sugar Learning
> Platform" which I'm 100% in line with, maybe with "and promoting the
> adoption/diffusion/use of".

Yes, that's certainly what Sugar Labs is about and it's good that a
community is maintaining Sugar.

But I somehow sense that Sugar Labs could be more by becoming a "place
to learn beyond" Sugar itself, welcoming initiatives like Music Blocks
and other free software that follows some core design principles and a
share philosophy about how FOSS could help in the educational field.

At least, I don't see any other community in the world with such a

To draw a fragile (and somewhat risky) analogy, Sugar Labs could be to
Sugar what Mozilla is to Firefox: the Mother Ship of a large community
sharing a distinct set of values.  Part of this community works on a
great software, Firefox, but others work on other tools and all "make
the web a better place" by producing free software and by pushing for
open standard as much as possible.

I hope that clarifies the "switch" I'm suggesting here :)


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