[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release WordCloud-5

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Mon Jun 15 12:14:43 EDT 2020

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Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.116

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Release notes:
* Fine tune repeated word mechanism (Walter Bender)
* Add a border (Walter Bender)
* More fine-tuning of padding; repeating (Walter Bender)
* Add XO color scheme (Walter Bender)
* Pep8 cleanup (Walter Bender)
* Make XO colors the default; New icon (Walter Bender)
* Add one-education colors (Walter Bender)
* Make color palette on a 3x3 grid (Walter Bender)
* Generate color bitmaps dynamically (Walter Bender)
* Run wordcloud stand-alone to end-run memory leak (Walter Bender)
* More robus stopword checks (Walter Bender)
* Add Alerts (Walter Bender)
* Highlight selected layout (Walter Bender)
* Add highlights to color palette (Walter Bender)
* Smaller canvas (Walter Bender)
* New artwork from dan (Walter Bender)
* Cleaned up artwork (Walter Bender)
* Clean up padding (Walter Bender) 
* Fine-tune colors (Walter Bender) 
* New strings (Walter Bender)
* Save text input between sessions (Walter Bender)
* Highlight font selection (Walter Bender)
* Add category (Walter Bender)
* Add screenshots and fix metadata (Aryan Sharma)
* Tidy up logging, fix indents (Zakiyah)
* Fix undo and Redo (Jui Pradhan)
* Regenerate POT file (Ibiam Chihurumnaya)

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