[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer Knowledge Activity Pack meeting (4 June)

Dhruv Misra dhruvmisra at live.com
Thu Jun 4 07:03:18 EDT 2020

Hey there,

I had the weekly meeting with my mentor Lionel today i.e. 4 June at 9H UTC.

We discussed thoroughly the UI changes required in Curriculum activity and created a list for each screen. We have decided to go forward with Medals instead of Flags to show acquired skills. We concluded by deciding to add the next feature: creation/updation/deletion of categories and skills.

  *   Tasks from last week:
     *   Imported dataset of JeValide for development.
     *   Added Curriculum Activity PR and work on upload feature.
     *   Added LZString compression to the activity template.
     *   Integrated Activity Template with Fraction.
  *   Issues encountered last week: None
  *   Tasks for next week:
     *   Make the required UI changes to Curriculum, replacing flags with medals.
     *   Work on create/update/delete/sort for categories and skills.
     *   Working on creating the SugarDevice component

Dhruv Misra

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