[Sugar-devel] Google Code-in 2019

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Oct 11 18:56:09 EDT 2019

Nice to have so many people wanting to be involved in mentoring, but
you must be involved in Sugar Labs.

Please use and test Music Blocks, Sugarizer, and Sugar.

Please post about your tests; what worked well, what didn't work, and
if you can use GitHub create issues.

Where you have selected mentoring for coding, write some more code.

Where you have selected mentoring for design, get involved in user
experience research or user interface design and interaction.

Where you have chosen mentoring for documentation, write some more

You can't teach what you don't do.

Google says this in

"You should already be a participant in the organization/open source
project that you wish to be a mentor for."

After past experiences I'm not interested in mentors who don't know
what Sugar Labs software does or how it can be used.  Such mentors are
disruptive.  They say things that are wrong.  They make technical
decisions in ignorance.  In short, they misrepresent our community of
designers, developers, and documenters.

Mentors who don't even have time to try out our software can avoid
this dissonance by;

- passing on to others questions that are outside their knowledge,

- asking public questions on behalf of a student,

- when time is of the essence, approve a task and leave the details of
  how it is tidied up to the people who know best,

When a student asks you a question in private you don't know the
answer to, don't make something up yourself.  Get them involved in
community and communicating in the open;

Google says this in

"Mentor Responsibilities ... to your Students ... Help and/or teach
the student how to ... be a part of your community ... communicate
more effectively and in the open".

Hope that helps!

James Cameron

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