[Sugar-devel] [HELP] Writing activity that requires api key

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Dec 17 13:53:52 EST 2019

Whether it is safe for you depends on the terms and conditions of the
agreement between you and the API vendor.

For Sugar Labs to host and distribute your software, we require your
source code to be covered by a license that would reveal the API key.

It should be up to you how you resolve those two legal issues.

If you need Sugar Labs to enter into an agreement with the API vendor,
contact the oversight board.  We would still reveal the key though.

We have two other activities that have an API key clearly identified
in the source code.  Random quote generator in TurtleBlocksJS,
and currency conversion in Convert activity,

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 03:14:36PM +0530, Naman Nimmo wrote:
> I'm writing a new activity and for that, I'm using an open weather API but that
> requires an API key which is personal. So is it safe to include my key along
> with the code? And if not, then how can I use that? 
> Regards,
> Naman

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