[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Jukebox-34

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Fri Oct 26 22:15:07 EDT 2018

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Sugar Platform:
0.98 - 0.112

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Release notes:
* Hide playlist on fullscreen (James Cameron),
* Add shortcuts, ctrl+l for playlist toggle, ctrl+f for fullscreen
  toggle, space for play or pause, up and down arrows for previous and
  next playlist item, escape to contract toolbar button, fullscreen
  off, or playlist off (James Cameron),
* Disable controls without media (Rahul Bothra),
* New translations (Berend, BoĹžidar Putanec, Mariana, Besnik Bleta,
  Paulo Francisco),
* Fix translation warnings on fr.po (James Cameron),
* Update POT file (James Cameron),
* Remove deprecated treeview parameter in CellRendererIcon (Rahul Bothra),
* Move copyrights, change metadata and add COPYING.LGPLv2.1 (James Cameron),
* Fix class initialisation (James Cameron),
* Update metadata (Vipul Gupta),
* Update TODO and try visualisations (James Cameron),
* Add README (Rudra Sadhu),

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