[Sugar-devel] [FEATURE] Add a reset button to Sugar

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Jun 10 20:00:54 EDT 2018

An erase everything feature was discussed early in Sugar, and met with
concerns over risks;

- intentional misuse by a child to disrupt their own learning,

- malicious activation by another child as part of bullying or
  academic competition,

Controls for these risks were (a) not having an erase everything
feature, (b) having a Backup and Restore feature in My Settings, (c)
providing Documents folder for additional preservation, and (d)
registration with a school server, with automated Journal backups, and
a history of backups kept.

Since then, our Journal multiple selection feature is an erase
everything for the Journal.  Press F5, select one object, click on
select all, click on erase, click on Continue.


In the one device per child deployment model, the use case of new user
for a computer was handled by reinstalling, using a very fast method
with no prompts.  This has the combined effects you describe.  It is
expensive to arrange, because it is hardware specific.  I don't think
it should be considered by Sugar Labs, except as a historical

So looking forward to generic computers that cannot be reinstalled so
quickly, your feature has merit.

Perhaps add a multiple selection feature to the activity list, and
batch operations similar to the journal.

Perhaps add a "Forget Me" button to the "About Me" section of "My

There are also deployment models that use a networked authentication
and home directory; the system uses a server to hold the user account,
so transfer of a computer to another user is very fast.

Meanwhile you can synthesise the same effect by creating a new user on
the operating system, and log in to that user.

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 06:04:29PM +0530, Rahul Bothra wrote:
> Hi all,
> Feature: Add a "reset sugar" button
> Button action:
>  - Remove additional activities installed by the user, leaving only the pre
> installed set
>  - Remove all journal entries
>  - Remove the user account; user should get the "create new user" prompt on
> logging in the next time
> Possible use case:
>  - While transfer of computer from one user to another
> Please share your opinions on the same.
> Thanks
> Rahul Bothra (Pro-Panda)

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