[Sugar-devel] New images for netbooks - tux_paint-6.xo issue

Raul Benitez rbenitez at paraguayeduca.org
Thu Jul 19 17:00:30 EDT 2018


We are in the process of creating new images for the 4,445 netbooks that
will be delivered in public schools.

The configuration is as follows:

* Netbooks Houston Computer, 4GB DDR3L RAM, 32GB EMMc disk, IntelĀ® Celeron
N3060 processor.
* Sugar 0.110 on Ubuntu 17.10 Artful x86_64 GNU / Linux

tux_paint-6.xo (
have errors when closing. I describe below:

* tux_paint-6.xo only starts from the Home list view if in the last line 6
"exec bin/tuxpaint --nolockfile "$@"" from the script "tuxpaint" the
arguments "$@" are deleted. In this way, it starts correctly but when it
exits it hangs up, I attach the error of the log "org.tuxpaint-3.log".
What to do to close correctly?

#exec bin/tuxpaint --nolockfile "$@"
exec bin/tuxpaint --fullscreen=yes

Best regards,
Raul Benitez

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