[Sugar-devel] Sugaractivities - aslo alternative

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Fri Jul 13 13:50:16 EDT 2018

This is to announce an interim alternative for ASLO. It provides access 
to  activities from ASLO and from github/Sugarlabs where a repository 
has been created.

In Sugar, enter https://tony37.github.io/Sugaractivities as the url. 
This will display the main page providing access to the complete 
collection of Sugar activities.

The first button (tile) displays a README with more details.

At this moment the repository has 523 tested activities:

     124 which work in Sugar on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Sugar 0.112 in 13.2.9.

       24 which have been ported to GTK+3 but fail to launch.

     210 gtk2 activities which work in Sugar 0.112 but not Ubuntu sugar.

       92 gtk2 activities which do not launch in Sugar 0.112

       64 activities from github/Sugarlabs which have not been ported to 
GTK+3 but work in Sugar 0.112.

         9 activities from github/Sugarlabs which do not launch in Sugar 

Part of the goal of this effort is to set up an easy way for volunteers 
to identify activities which can be made to work. For example, 'import 
WebKit' to import 'WebKit2'. Sugar for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has only 12 
activities installed. From this source, there are more than 100 
additional activities which can be downloaded by Browse, installed and 

This service is offered with a double your money back guarantee! Just 
send me questions, report problems, offers to contribute or flames. I'll 
try to respond as rapidly as possible. It is even launched on Friday the 


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