[Sugar-devel] Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit '17 Recap

Michaƫl Ohayon mohayon75 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 10:14:49 EDT 2017

Hi everyone !

Last week was the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit '17 in Sunnyvale.

Cristina, Samson and I had the luck to represent Sugar Labs !

The summit is an unconference (Open-space conference, attendants do the
The event started Friday ~6pm and ended Sunday ~4pm.

You can find the session schedule here :
here :

We had the opportunity to chat with many other participants (300+) from all
other the world and their nice projects.

There was a lightning talk session where I pitched about our participation
in GSoC.

Samson and I have been recorded by Google to give feedbacks and hints to

If I had a chat to mention: Wolfgang from Catrobat who is making Pocket
Code - https://www.catrobat.org/ (Free educational apps for children and
This was a very nice talk. We talked about what is Pocket Code and how it
could be learned by teachers and integrated in our Sugarizer tablets

We also met with people from the Software Freedom Conservancy and other
related orgs. A small video has been shooted with everyone.

To sum things up, It was a very nice summit with nice people and cool
projects !

I'm joining a few photos to this mail :

Have a nice day everyone,
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