[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Sugar 0.112 stable

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Oct 8 20:00:26 EDT 2017

Sugar 0.112 is released, with latest translations.

Thanks to contributors;

    Besnik Bleta,
    Chris Leonard,
    Eduard Sanou,
    Ezequiel Pereira,
    Gonzalo Odiard,
    György Balló,
    Hrishi Patel,
    Ignacio Rodríguez,
    Manash Raja,
    Sam Parkinson,
    Sanchit Kapoor, and
    Utkarsh Tiwari.

See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.112 for list of translation
contributors and more release information.



A v0.112 tag has been pushed to each repository.

Since 0.110, dependencies have changed for the module "sugar", which
may now accept either WebKit 3.0 API or WebKit2 4.0 API depending on
which is available.  None of the other dependencies have changed.

Brief change log by module below, since Sugar 0.110.


* Update README [James Cameron],


* Added background for ViewSource's ImageBox [Ezequiel Pereira López],
* Update README [James Cameron],


* Don't assume all connection managers support Sugar [Sam Parkinson],
* Use profile.get_nickname and get_color where possible [György Balló],
* Predictable POT file ordering  [James Cameron],
* Add an optional Gtk.Entry to Alert [James Cameron],
* Add busy cursor methods for activities [James Cameron],
* Add Save-As feature [Utkarsh Tiwari],
* MouseDetector timeout_id need reset [Gonzalo Odiard],
* Remove several warnings [James Cameron],
* Update README [James Cameron],
* No new translations (module not supported by translation team),


* Updated translations [Chris Leonard et al],
* Remove several warnings [James Cameron],
* New documentation [Hrishi Patel, James Cameron, Sam Parkinson],
* Sort translation files [Eduard Sanou],
* Fix screen resize race #4968 [James Cameron],
* Fix examples [Ignacio Rodríguez],
* Prepend instead of append to path [James Cameron],
* Allow install without .desktop files [György Balló],
* Predictable POT file ordering  [James Cameron],
* Add an optional Gtk.Entry to Alert [James Cameron],
* Add busy cursor methods for activities [James Cameron],
* Add Save-As feature [Utkarsh Tiwari],
* Accept ~ as version separator [James Cameron],
* Update README [James Cameron],
* Accept repository metadata for AppStream [James Cameron],
* Sort list of PO files [James Cameron],


* Updated translations [Chris Leonard et al],
* Added background for ViewSource's ImageBox [Ezequiel Pereira López],
* Remove favourites view number when there is only one [James Cameron],
* Remove several warnings and tracebacks [James Cameron],
* Missing edit toolbar for journal batch operations [James Cameron],
* Adding missing question mark and comma [Besnik Bleta],
* Remove distribution specific paths from view source [James Cameron],
* Fix logger name for customise bundle [James Cameron],
* Ensure journal object chooser appears above an activity [James Cameron],
* Make view source and view help modal [James Cameron],
* Fix missing control panel when alt+shift+m used in activity [James Cameron],
* Fix for overlarge activity ring with external display [James Cameron],
* Fix collision resolution in random view [James Cameron],
* Fix radio off button, it wasn't working [James Cameron],
* Avoid memory depletion and failure to exit activities [James Cameron],
* Rename size changed callback [James Cameron],
* Fix for screen resize race with external display [James Cameron],
* Restart metacity if it fails [Manash Raja],
* View Help - Backport to WebKit and WebKit2 [James Cameron],
* Journal - fix batch continue button stall #4971 [Sanchit Kapoor],
* Remove new ASLO updater [James Cameron],
* Remove remaining jabber.sugarlabs.org reference [James Cameron],
* Specify library version prior to import #4900 [James Cameron],
* Force shutdown before battery is gone [James Cameron],
* Extend serial number helper [James Cameron],
* Add Save-As feature [Utkarsh Tiwari],
* Update selected count on journal entry erase #4972 [James Cameron],
* Revert partial journal entry name restriction #4940 [James Cameron],
* Fix indentation in View Help [James Cameron],
* Update README [James Cameron],
* Add kill of hung activity [Ezequiel Pereira],

sha256 checksums;

333051814b5d16b34ae33a2ed6e12ed7044aaf3749fa5e2ac9bc7ce0f3aa2e1b  sugar-toolkit-gtk3-0.112.tar.xz
f74da295ef5cbc813d5b7f1b5da0124593a9a50b267de8930846ee685e6889a9  sugar-toolkit-0.112.tar.bz2
034946ce20b44054acdbcc47a09cccd03cf8ef29dab885f8da51f3847751775f  sugar-datastore-0.112.tar.xz
e322220d7b14a3305bd2c18755ec0d158ca3792ef13057c2676e30b768decea4  sugar-artwork-0.112.tar.xz
39aa7ffe866c9f1b4a113e7a400686d60277a3517db1fed62f536b1fdc71c38b  sugar-0.112.tar.xz

James Cameron

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