[Sugar-devel] Testing StopWatch-19.1

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Jun 26 23:18:18 EDT 2017

Calling for testing of changes in StopWatch-19.1


Changes to be tested are

* Switch to using json (Ignacio Rodríguez, 2013),
* Backward compatibility (Manuel Quiñones, James Cameron),
* Enable game key support (Ignacio Rodríguez, 2013),
* Add radio buttons for selected stopwatch (Ignacio Rodríguez, 2013),
* Add tab, shift+tab, up arrow, down arrow, to change selection (James Cameron),
* Add ctrl+s, ctrl+m and ctrl+x to start/stop, mark and zero (James Cameron),
* Add tooltips for shortcut keys (James Cameron),
* Stop overflow of marks (Aneesh Dogra, 2013),
* Show only most recent marks (James Cameron),
* Show zero and mark button feedback with shortcuts (James Cameron).

Already tested is install and collaboration.

Test reports to sugar-devel@ or

James Cameron

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