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No sure what you are asking.


On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 9:00 PM, Charles Cossé <ccosse at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sugar-dev community,
> Hello, my name is Charles Cosse and I'm writing to you from Las Cruces,
> New Mexico.  I've just traced through Sugarizer-related emails since 2013
> <http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2013-June/thread.html#43440>
> in preparation to write to you here.  I also worked with Lionel to develop
> a Sugarizer activity
> <http://dev.sugarizer.org/activities/ColorMyWorld.activity/index.html>
> and presented some other Sugarizer activities
> <https://flic.kr/s/aHskVJBdxB> at PyCon 2017 in Portland
> <https://flic.kr/y/2GSVF7K> a couple weeks ago, ported to a credit-earning
> platform <http://netdispenser.github.io>.
> Basically, I've developed this system that's pretty foolproof and
> motivates kids to make a strong effort during computer activities.  It's a
> Raspberry-Pi3 AccessPoint and CreditMeter, all-in-one.  There's also a
> central, whitelisted credit-earning website.  Otherwise, kids are
> firewalled-in until they use their hard-earned credits to gain full
> internet access.  It's nothing profound, but it does work extremely well
> and thus should have value for other parents / families out there.
> Keyword: value.
> As a parent I would have subscribed $10/mo for such capability as provided
> by this platform.  And as an activity developer I would have gladly
> accepted $5 of that to fund more development.  But hey!  It's just
> Sugar(izer) Labs with a "gimmick" in the middle which (1) motivates kids
> and (2) provides incentives for new and continued development. In short, it
> could be a new kind of fuel.  Maybe even a little green router someday?
> The main connection to Sugar Labs (Sugarizer) is that all of those
> Sugarizer apps (present and future) could be dual-purposed to work with the
> credit-earning subscription system with good effects all around, i.e. value
> to parent, compensation to developer, education to kids, community
> interaction.  Web apps just need some concept of a goal or a score to reach
> in order to earn some configured amount of internet time (credits 1 credit
> = 1 second).   I've done this with a few apps now and it's
> straightforward.
> My motivation is to see this eco-system-around-a-credit-meter concept
> actually work.  I want to be one of the developers vying for part of those
> subscriptions.  I believe this is one possible way to realize more of the
> vast ocean of unrealized potential w.r.t. education software out there.
> Would there be any interest among members of this list?
> Best regards from New Mexico,
> Charles
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