[Sugar-devel] FreeDesktop integration UI discussion

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Jul 25 22:34:30 EDT 2016

Hi Sam, Dave,

Thanks for bringing this up.

El 16/07/16 a las 18:18, Sam Parkinson escribió:
> On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 12:33 AM, Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Sebastian just edited the wiki about the amazing FreeDesktop
>> integration work he's been doing:
>> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/index.php?title=Features/FreeDesktop_integration&diff=next&oldid=98058
>> He added 2 ui questions:
>> > How to choose .desktop files to show in Sugar Launcher.
>> I think something similar to the "Fonts v1" activity would be good to
>> start; a simple activity that lists all of the .desktop files
>> available, and a star to select/deselect them. Would the output
>> likely be a simple text file with all the selected files's full
>> paths? That way, anyone could easily make such a text file before the
>> UI is ready. 
> I'd think that this would be best placed in a new My Settings panel -
> activities are about documents.  But, I'd agree with you that we just
> need a list, with icons and a check to select/deselect.
I'm leaning for drag and drop into home view.
>> https://github.com/sugarlabs/edit-fonts-activity/tree/94c443f1b1c394f12edcb0af156542a4cee6c808
>> > How to make Journal and Activities behave well outside sugar (i.e.
>> handle resize, multiple screens or virtual desktops)
> Maybe we could go with a more simple idea in the current?  When the
> user opens an activity, a prompt is shown asking them to select a
> jobject to resume, or to title a new entry?
>> I think the core question is if Sugar becomes a MDI outside of its
>> SDI desktop context. 
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_document_interface
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_document_interface
>> For me, I think a MDI Sugar is a simple solution to all those issues
>> you list: it means the Journal and each Activity are each just
>> another window. Perhaps the only 'special' window is a "Home"
>> activity where the frame is always visible, and in which its possible
>> to switch from Home to Groups to Neighborhood to Network.
/xfdesktop/ is the component of XFCE which draws the "Desktop" including
icons and wallpaper. That's where I think Sugar could live (as a root
window handler and fancy launcher).
>> Of course, it might be nice to add - as GIMP did when it went the
>> other way from MDI to SDI - a preference so that there could be a
>> single "Sugar" window that offers an experience similar to running a
Sugar shell already supports resizable windows (basically MDI) because
we use Metacity as a window manager.

It is Sugar Activities that are maximized and not resizable by default
[because that's what sugar-toolkit does].

However, they are supposed to adjust to screen rotation, so in principle
they could become resizable.

*Was forced maximization a design decision based on the XO laptop's
screen size? *
I think it would make sense to allow resizing or tiling of Sugar
Activities (as an option for larger screens).

Other desktop environments expect to be able to resize and move windows
so I think we should allow it at least in that case.

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