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Sam P. sam at sam.today
Sun Dec 27 01:20:09 EST 2015

Hi All,

Sugar has a novel user interface, with lots of beautiful and logical
things.  However, there are some important elements (such as the frame or
journal) that are not familiar or intuitive to new users.  This is an
issue, as sugar currently relys upon exploration as our only user
onboarding strategy.

The un-intuitiveness of our ui comes up every now and again.  I previously
conducted a small and probably skewed survey, however the lack of user
onboarding and the effects of that (how users did not understand the
interface) were apparent.  It's also written about in Jeff Atwood's (old)
article "the Sugar UI", where he says, "I have to admit that I didn't find
the Sugar UI particularly intuitive or discoverable, even after using it
for 10 minutes and learning the basics."

Please have a look at my design proposal to add help for new users [1].  No
implementation has been done (as you would expect due to the time in the
release cycle), and comments would be appreciated to create a great design
before even thinking of implementing.


[1] http://www.sam.today/blog/sugar-onboard-design.html
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