[Sugar-devel] Sugar-install-bundle in 13.2.5 is slooow

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat Aug 29 09:51:27 EDT 2015


I reran the installs with SUGAR_PROFILE set to False. The install timings:

Browse: 0.5 seconds
Jukebox: 0.5 seconds
Quiz: 0.8 seconds

I'll just patch sugar-install-bundle not to use the SUGAR_PROFILE path.

Thanks for the help.


On 08/29/2015 01:41 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> G'day Sam,
> My guess is #4849 again and our user hasn't unset the SUGAR_PROFILE
> environment variable as was suggested four months ago.  I never heard
> closure on the suggestion, but as it was off-list I'm not surprised.
> The ticket shows how to reproduce in case you'd like to take a stab at
> it.

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