[Sugar-devel] Speech synthesizer in sugar web

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Thu Aug 20 10:24:26 EDT 2015

> Sugar however has tts built in powered by espeak.  Users can highlight
> speech and use a button in the frame to play it back.
> Maybe you should look into exposing the tts functions provided by sugar3
> to web activities?  Then you could make an abstraction between the 2
> backends.
You can see how the web activity communicate with sugar by example in
You will find that use bus.js and in the case of the activity running in
use websockets. You will need add in sugar code (src/jarabe/apisocket.py)
code to process a specific message (like 'sayText') and use our speech api,
located in sugar-toolkit-gtk3 (src/sugar3/speech.py)

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