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Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Wed Aug 12 07:26:29 EDT 2015


To continue the story. The way it works, you click on the button to the 
left of the language (English) to
get a list. You click on the language to get a dialect (or region?). You 
click on the dialect to select it. You then click on the
+ button to get it 'really' selected. You then click on the top right 
button to restart as always.

After restarting the added language (German) is the system language. 
However, when going back to the
language selection in settings, German is the only language shown. So 
you need to click to open the language
list, click on English. This opens up the options of Australien and USA. 
Incidentally, that is now the only line, the German
option has disappeared.

I tried Arabic. There are 12 regions or dialects available. That list is 
in English. I selected Egypt and was able to
switch to Arabic. To switch back, I clicked on the button to the left of 
Arabic (only line). It lists alternate languages
in a mixture of Arabic and Latin alphabets. English is evidently shown 
in Arabic but Spanish is Spanish. I selected
Spanish getting 21 regional choices all in Arabic except USA. I selected 
USA and switched the system to Spanish.

I then went back to settings and got a list of languages in Spanish 
(Inglés). I selected that option and got a choice
of Australia and USA. I was able to get back to the original English, 
USA option.


On 08/12/2015 12:55 PM, Tony Anderson wrote:
> I was surprised and embarrassed yesterday trying to show how easy it 
> is to switch
> languages. I was using a 13.2.5 image.
> In previous versions, you go to settings and language and get a long 
> list of supported
> languages. In 13.2.5, you get a statement: 'Add languages in the order 
> you prefer'.
> So I clicked on + to add German. It added another row: English USA + -
> In the press of the moment, I couldn't find any other language that 
> English USA.
> However, today I found that the trick is to click on the button to the 
> left of the word English. This
> opens the expected list. Click on German adds a line with dialects: 
> Austria, Belgium, Germany, ...
> Unfortunately, the use of the word 'add' together with a '+' button at 
> least in my case led to confusion.
> Tony
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