[Sugar-devel] EaselJS+PreloadJS and XHR

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Mon Jan 27 12:47:53 EST 2014

2014-01-27 laurent bernabe <laurent.bernabe at gmail.com>:
> Thank you for your answer.
> In fact, I develop the activity and preview it from inside Brackets IDE.
> Previews are shown inside a Chrome browser.
> So, when previewing from Brackets IDE, we can say that I am viewing it
> locally, in a browser, though it uses a kind of server (adress is for
> example :
> But I've also tested under osbuild (with run option), but the image does not
> appear neither.
> For the links, I am using relative paths.
> The repository LearnChess (LearnChess) is up to date : I haven't done any
> change locally since.

The 'complete' callback is called, I get 'loaded image' logged in the console.

Seems a programming error.  If I log the variable 'image', I get undefined.

, Let's move to IRC #sugar if you need more help .

.. manuq ..

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