[Sugar-devel] Helping people to get started

Sam Parkinson sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 16:32:36 EST 2014


Just letting you know that sugarbot has launched. You can go and test it
out by first making sure your nick isn't marked as doesn't need help by
typing `sugarbot: spam me` and then saying something like `I'm new around

**To opt-out of sugarbot butting into your conversations you will need to
type `sugarbot: I Know` **

As of now sugarbot does not log anything (just letting you know) though I
would like to setup a log of interactions, a bit like
http://elsalvador.treehouse.su/Ignacio_Rodriguez/gcibot/ .

> The only that we might want to add is a list of mentors. I volunteer,
> anyone else??
> I think we should move it somewhere more official and link it somewhere on
> developer.sugarlabs.org. Maybe a more general "Help fixing bugs" page
> under "Getting started", which would include a link to that?

I'm writing a page for sugar-docs :)

> Do you prefer the github wiki or does wiki.sugarlabs.org works too?

I wrote it in markdown so yeah. I'll move it over soon...
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