[Sugar-devel] Gtk 3.10 icon size regression

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 21:01:43 EST 2014

On 14 January 2014 02:55, Daniel Narvaez <dwnarvaez at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 13 January 2014 15:56, Daniel Narvaez <dwnarvaez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 13 January 2014 15:37, Gonzalo Odiard <godiard at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
>>> Sadly, have more sense set icon_size than pixel_size, right?
>>> (More in the context of multiple pixels resolutions, like we have with
>>> the xo and the desktop)
>> Well, we should be using the new layout scaling stuff in gtk to deal with
>> different resolutions.
>> http://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2013/06/28/hidpi-support-in-gnome/
> Except that only scales by integers... Sigh, such a disappointment...

This is probably the solution (quoting from comments)

"Also, in a wayland compositor one could do the OSX style “render at 2x
then downscale to x1.5 approach, but that will be hard in X (although it
will be worth looking into)."

Pity it probably requires wayland, But we are going to have to port, at
some point :)
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