[Sugar-devel] Fedora repository with snapshots from git

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 20:49:29 EST 2014

To give an update on the development

* I rewrote most of the web app code, this time with unit tests. It should
be a bit smarter in the way it queues builds and hopefully a bit more solid.
* I still need to improve the queue to skip builds when we have more recent
commits. That will probably happen because the ARM slave is super slow.
* I want to find a better machine to run the ARM builds, they take
something like an hour for each rpm now (!). First I will try to ask the
copr developers if they are planning to setup an ARM slave any time soon.
If not I wonder if someone would be able to provide a XO or other ARM
device running on a somewhat stable internet connection. That should be a
lot faster than qemu.
* I'm planning to actually test the ARM rpms sometimes in the next few days
* When this is decently tested I would to publish it on the wiki downloads
page or something, it should be a pretty good way for people to try the
latest code.
* Perhaps we should set this up for the stable branch too at some point.

Daniel Narvaez
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