[Sugar-devel] The quest for data

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Jan 3 17:23:38 EST 2014

Metrics can direct action.

Unfortunately, in the absence of meaningful metrics, the meaningless
metrics will also direct action.

One of the assertions inherent in OLPC is that merely using a device
can have an effect on a brain, regardless of what activities are used.

In the data listed, I haven't seen any use of more fundamental
measurements like how long a device is used for.  OLPC's builds
have a power log.  This captures time spent using a device.

It is especially relevant for a device that might also be used in
Gnome rather than Sugar.  Harvest seems to have arisen out of the
availability of the Journal.

On the other hand, use of metrics tends towards standardised testing,
with the ultimate implementation being an examination that must be
completed each time before using a device for learning.  Imagine
having to delay learning!

I don't like the idea of standardised testing.  I've seen the damage
that it does.  Sir Ken Robinson had a few things to say about that, in
his talk Changing Education Paradigms.

James Cameron

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