[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Frame icon to take a screenshot

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Fri Jan 3 15:49:47 EST 2014

Hi Gary,

2013/12/3 Gary Martin <garycmartin at googlemail.com>:
> Here's as far as I had got on this (way, way back) – mainly just tinkering with test code to see how it would work for touch, but I stalled out at how to talk to whatever needs to manage the actual display brightness – seems like the keyboard uses a custom path for XO hardware that is not standard in Fedora and I couldn't find a generic platform agnostic way to access it (read and write). It's been a while, I forget the nitty gritty details, apologies.
> Anyway probably of more use/curiosity are the set of svg's I had been experimenting with, one set use a fill metaphor to go from dark to bright, a second set changes the length for the 'sun' rays to indicate brightness (FWIW I prefer the ray length version as it matches the keyboard icon designs more closely).

Thanks for the icon set for Brightness.  I also like the ray length version.

I will keep them until we implement brightness control in the Display device.

.. manuq ..

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