[Sugar-devel] Using Sugarizer as development environment for Sugar Web Activities

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 17:22:07 EST 2014

On 15 February 2014 21:58, Lionel Laské <lionel at olpc-france.org> wrote:

> Hi Daniel, hi Sam,
> Except if I don't understand your idea, copying the result of the "volo
> create" command is exactly what I've done in my Sugarizer ActivityTemplate
> directory [1]. So a new developer just need to copy this directory to
> create its new activity.

Yes. I guess the idea here is to make osbuild development a bit more like
sugarizer development, with the goal of lowering the barrier and to keep
the workflow almost identical for both.

> The problem is that currently the sugar-web framework for Sugarizer is
> slightly different than the one for Sugar. It's mainly related to
> datastore.js and dbus.js that use localstorage and querystring handling


> . I'm sure it could be re-conciliated if we find a way to differentiate
> running in Sugar and running in Sugarizer.

We have env.isStandalone() to distinguish between running inside an
activity and in a plain web browser. But I suppose we will need a way to
distinguish between a plain web browser and Sugarizer. We could just use a
well known localstorage key... If it exists it's Sugarizer, otherwise plain
web browser. And maybe change isStandalone to getMode (activity, browser,
sugarizer) or something. The naming is not really well thought but I hope
it gives the idea.
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